He’s Gone

Edward and Seth disapeared. With no explanation at all. I came home and found a note just saying “I’m sorry and I love you…forever. -Edward” They’re alive though. I’m sorry. I know you deserve more than this in a post, but I don’t havve it in me. Read Rosalie’s if you want information.


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Is This the End of the Cullens???

Okay so yah…everything bad has only happened since I showed up here. But…yah I guess that typically means most of this is my fault. Anyways Merrissa, will not give up, and is hurting way too many people!!! It’s getting out of hand. I don’t think this is ever going to end…Erick was killed today…If Merrissa doesn’t get what she wants soon…who know’s what’s going too happen..

Everyone hates Carlisle now. Well not everyone. Just a few of The Cullens. As in Rosalie, Renesmee, and a few of the others are begining to question him. Not me and Edward of course. Edward said it’s crossed Rosalie’s mind to leave us BECAUSE of Carlisle. They don’t think he is a good leader and only cares about Emily and Esme. *sigh* With everything thats going on right now you really wouldn’t think we’d be having family issues. The end of the Cullen family could seriusly be near. *swalloes*


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How Much Bad Luck can a Girl Have?

Unlike most normal people I have encountered death numerous times nd have made it ot alive. Well that time seems to have come again. Do you remember James and Victoria? Well it turns out they had another member of their coven: Merrissa. She’s like Victoria’s twin(though they don’t really look anything alike. Well Merrissa found out about how Edward killed them, and she now wants revenge. Her plan is to gain vengence and finish what Victoria and Jmes had started.  Apparently her plan is to kill me, infront of Edward, then tear him apart to pieces, and then also kill any other Cullens she can get her hand’s on. Edward suspects the Volturi are backing her up on this.

Well, when Merrissa was looking for us in Forks, she went to my cottage, the Cullen house, and Charlie’s. At Charlie’s she found him asleep on the sofa…and well drank half his blood…luckily Jake showed up with Embry and Quil and chased her away before Charlie…was totally gone. *sigh*Now he’s in the hospital, and they’re doing what they can. Apparently they can’t do much with out Carlisle though. 😦

Well I still haven’t gotten over Jake it turns out. Yesterday before I knew what happened I leaned in and kissed him! I feel so bad about it! Nessie is pretty mad about it. And I feel really bad about Edward but he just shrugged it off. *sigh*I wish he got mad at me. I deserve it.

Oh i forgot to mention a few of us are staying in Forks right now.


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Sorry For Being So MIA

Well the Cullens have moved to England. I miss Charlie and Jake…but I’ll survive. Ugh we start school soon. Don’t even get me started on that. Edward and I are registered as Juniors. Ugh, just more torture. The more the education is supposed to make you smarter but I think i’m just getting dumber.

It was mine and Edwards anniversary was a few days ago. It was the most magical thing ever…not that I’m gonna tell you about it. That’s my private secret. 😉 Don’t worry…nothing bad. 😉

I have another son. It’s not what you think this time. He is a full vampire. A 3 year old beautiful immortal child. I know what yr thinking but trust me…he wouldn’t hurt anyone. We’ve taught him our ways, and he’s very good. No one has ever seen anything like him. Edward says he’s like me, where he must have skipped the newborn faze…but I think he is just special, and not like other of his kind. He is the baby i had seen in my dream years ago. The beautiful, glorius child. Christopher Joesoph Cullen. I love him sooooo much!!

Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen

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Sorry I’ve Been MIA

I’m at college with Edward. University of Washington. I’m super busy so won’t be on till August probably. Don’t give up on me people. Sorry short post. I got a history assignment due tomorrow. G2g.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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It Worked!! I Told You Guys!

So me and Edward, are sitting in a plane headed home, ALIVE and well. Noone tried to hurt us or anything in Volterra. They did try to convince us to join them, but of course they declined.

Though I wanted to be the only one to go, I think it was better having Edward there. For Aro could see the truth, from him.

This trip did work. Just as I planned. We now have a treaty with them. None of them can step into a 10,000 mile radius of us. If so, we can take them out. Otherwise we’re on friendly terms. The real problem right now is  the wolves. Sam is still SUPER upset.

And I’m mad at Jacob. Why? Because he took Renesmee riding on a motorcycle and she got hurt!!! Ugh wolves are sooo irresponsible.

Sorry for the short post, the flight attendant just glared at me.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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Change of Plans

Jacob came back!!!!!!!! He REALLY needs to pick up where he left off and take charge of the packs. I know he hates having to go into Alpha Mode, but he really needs to right now. Why? Well because Erick-guy Emily likes-is actually a Quiellute. Well Erick is also Sam’s little half-brother. Erick imprinted on Emily, so Sam is really upset because she’s a “bloodsucker.” I don’t see why he is so upset, the law is your can never heart he subject of one’s impinting. He didn’t make this big a deal with Renesmee. But Jacob explained to me, it’s because Erick is ACTUALLY brothers with Sam, is so prejudiced towards Vampires. Since he had a hard time going through the imprinting thing with Leah and Emily, and he was all alone when he firsr changed. I guess I kinda understand…I’m probably the only one that does in my family though. Edward says Sam will learn to tolerate Emily.

It’s May 28, and I’m still in Forks. Why? I’m not gonna give ALL the details, but long story short i already went, by myself. Edward gave after me, and together we discussed everything with Aro. We’re going back a week from today. It’s only going to be us to though. Aro says he will only talk to the two of us about this now. IDK why not even Carlisle, but whatever.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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