It’s Bella

Hello fantastic fans,

It’s me, Bella Marie Swan. Since you all enjoy the Twilight books so much, I’ve decided to blog as myself. I’ll let you all in on the inside scoop of my life. Everything about Renesmee,Β  Edward, an my new family the Cullens. I’ll be posting about Twilight news and media. If you have any questions for me email me at Also Alice want’s me to tell you, she might sometimes highjack y blog, and post her self. And maybe some other members of my family will to.

Please advertise. I want this blog to explode, and all my wonderful fan’s to know Bella has arrived!

Welcome to my official blog!

Isabella Marie Swan

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15 Responses to It’s Bella

  1. hayleydarling87 says:

    Hey Bella! My name is Hayley! I think you’re really awesome and already love this blog! πŸ˜‰ keep me posted!


  2. layyneabeley says:

    Uh.. first. There is no z in advertise. and no ‘ in Renesmee. This is okay so far, but Bella wouldn’t have a polyvore.

  3. anjixox says:

    Hey Bella πŸ™‚ Amazing Site πŸ™‚ Love the post and Twilight πŸ™‚

  4. Eva says:

    im sucha fann of twilight!! i advertisd for u, pls advertise for me!! plus i got a new post. check it out!!


  5. massiexkur says:

    Ah-dore it x20 ;] Keep posting!

    MATH: More comments + More posts = More Viewers

    Thats the blogging Math ;]


    Massie Elizabeth Block

  6. Bella, could you advertise my blog, since Alice practicly FORCED me to make one?

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