A Few New Things

Did I ever tell you I hate the SS an Volturi??? Well I do. They’re  ripping apart our family one by one…and I hate it!


I personally think college is going to have to wait beacuse of everything that’s going on. But Edward thinks it’s the perfect time. He must know something I don’t or something…of course he always does. Renesmee is getting soooooo big! Carlisle, Esme, and Edward take turns homeschooling her. She learns soooooo fast…faster than anyone I’ve seen. She is already WAYYYYYYYY smarter than me. I feel so stupid in this family, I know NOTHING, compared to the rest of the family. I feal kinda like the baby of this family, helpless, dmb, and useless.


I don’t think she hates me…or quite likes me. And I don’t think Edward is helping that fact. I feal sooo…intimidated around her. She’s strong,  powerful, smart, and beautiful. Though I got beauty help from becoming a vampire, I still feal sooo plain next to her.


Esme, and Rosalie, now have gifts. They can freeze stuff, elevate things, make them explode, and bla bla bla. Edward thinks its wrong, and advised them not to do it…so no one listened. And then the Aro came… And edward hasnt’ told anyone but me…but there coming back…all of them, unless they get what they want. I’m soo soo soooooo worried, about everyone.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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16 Responses to A Few New Things

  1. I would wait on college. But do not tell Ed he will kill me! Rose is having a hard time with the power of freezing things and talking at the same time, did you hear what she did to me yesterday?

  2. Bella relax everything is going to be fine. you’ll see 😉

    – Alice

  3. anjixox says:

    amazing 🙂

  4. they’re coming back? awsome i cant wait to rip aro apart, if its another fight. i have dibs on killing him. okay? good.

  5. Bella Swan says:

    Rose if you do that during the fight…I will never talk to you again! You can’t endanger him like that!

  6. Tanya says:

    Bella, I want to assist you in fighting the SS and Volturi. I want to help.

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