Today we fought with the Volturi.  It was very lethal…on both sides. But some how we ended up victorius, though we didn’t really kill anybody. We were all injured badly. But god…I feal soooo terrible. I had mmy sheild around everyone because Jane kept glaring, especially at me and Edward. And well i got distracted by Edward fighting Felix. And well I lost concentration…and my sheild slipped for a couple of minutes. Jane’s focus was locked on Edward…and well he instantly felt the pain…from Jane and Felix. If it wasn’t for Jasper, and Emmet…who got Felix off him…I honestly don’t know what would have happened. Edward is now terribly beaten up, and resting now. Of course he doesn’t blme me at all…but I do. Carlisle say’s Edward will eventually be okay, but I’m soooo worried. I was fighting Heidi, and I wasn’t hurt 2 badly, just a couple hurt ribs.

A new memmber has joined our family. Her name is Emily. She was a part of the Volturi. But wanted to join us. She is only 13, and Nessie loves her. There best friends. Edward hates her though, and refuses to accept her as one of us. He doesn’t trust her. But everyone else loves her. I think she’s a sweet girl, but don’t quite know what to make of her yet. And Edward hates her even more because of who created her…James*closes eyes*  He has a theory, that who ever changes you, you are like them, with their characteristics, like DNA. And from what I’ve seen that seams to be true.

Isabella Marie Swan Gregory

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7 Responses to Fights

  1. Tanya says:

    ugh! I wish I had been there! I would’ve done SOMETHING!!! well, keep your guard up, Bella, you don’t know what this emily is like. Not really… ooh! I’m making a blog soon! 😉


  2. No problem Bella. Do not be so hard on yourself we aren’t perfect 😉


  3. glamgurlie7 says:

    I added your blogs to my list and told me viewers to check yours out! Nice job, Bella 🙂

    xoxo Hannah 😀

  4. anjixox says:


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