Back 2 School

We’re going back to school. Everyone has there outfit picked out. Not really me though. I’ll probabaly wear what’s ever lieing around…but something tells  me Alice, has something horrid for me. I hope high school over won’t be like my first time through it. At my Senior Prom-wich I refused to go to-I won Prom Queen. And I wasn’t even there! It was absolutley terrible!

The best thing about being a vampire is that I can’t sleep, so I don’t sleep talk. Wich I’m soooo glad about, or else, Edward would always know what’s on my mind. And so would everyone else.

Renesmee is getting so good at the piano. She is almost better than Rosalie-who is the second best musician in the family. I don’t think she’s gonna catch up to Edward though. He is much much much better than everyone. I wish I could play an instrument. Even Emily plays guitar.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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4 Responses to Back 2 School

  1. Stop worrying Bella! I can assure u that Alice will put you in something fancy, that’s for sure.

  2. oh your prom dress is SO nice bella! and dont worry about the earings, were getting your ears peirced. Oh- new post!!!!!

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