Ugh, prom is this Sunday night. And Alice is FORCING me to go. I’m soooooooooo NOT looking forward to it. At least I don’t have to worry about being prom queen this year. At my senior prom-witch I didn’t go to, I was with Edward-I won queen. It was awful. They called me up, to come get my crown, so I went in sweats. It was completley humilating going on the stage and getting that tiara-witch I through away. Mike Newton was prom king, so I had to take a picture with him, that Edward has, so he can amuse himself with it, nd forrever hold me against it.

This year though Alice and Rosalie picked out my dress…before I even knew I was going. And there going to be doing my hair and makeup. It’s going to be horrible, and of course Alice is just going to have sooo much fun, with me as her Barbie. They were going to make me wear heals, but’s thats where I put my foot down, so I’m wearing white ballet flats. And there making me wear earings…but I don’t have pierced ears. So their going to pierce them! I plan to just let them close up after prom…if that works with vampires.

My Prom Outfit

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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8 Responses to Prom

  1. anjixox says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!

  2. Ali says:

    i loveeeeee the dresss its soooo pretty!!!!!

  3. Of course Alice is making you go, try to enjoy yourself Bella.
    Jasper Cullen

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