Alice, I Hate You

Ouviusly I don’t really hate Alice. But she is always getting on my nerves. She is making me go to rpo tonight. And now she’s making ME perform in the talent show! MEE! Isabella Marie Swan Cullen!! In front of the WHOLE school and town!! I’m gonna die of embarrasment. I have to sing….and DANCE!!! Ugh i hate you Alice.

In a couple weeks we are fighting the Volturi. Rosalie has the whole plan on her blog. Edward says I’m the key to the fight with my sheild. Wich I’m nervous about. If I get distracted again, and my sheild slips up we could be in trouble…Edward is going to be one of the fighters in the paln, wich makes me even more nervous. Apparently, I’m going to be surrounded o no one can get to me and my sheild. Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett are going to be my bodyguard for the fight I guess.

Renesmee made a blog: It’s under construction. But Alice and I are helping her.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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6 Responses to Alice, I Hate You

  1. I’m soooo excited šŸ˜€

    – Alice

  2. New post.

    – Nessie

  3. theres no fight bella, its a very constructed plan.

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