Prom and Other Stuff

Prom was actually kinda fun…For the most part. I have to admit, Alice did a good job with my hair and makeup. The entire time everyone has told me that a Cullen could never make prom court; they all lied. Edward actually made one of the princes!!! No one knows how. I of course voted for him…and apparently many others did too. I hated it. He had to dance with a princess. I don’t know or care what her name is. All I know is that she’s blonde, pretty for a human, taller than me, and she seemed to be into Edward. So I was just standing there, looking absolutely pathetic, glaring at them with my arms crossed. Apparently I looked pretty funny because Emmett and Jasper were howling with laughter.

I loved every other part of it though. Dancing around in Edward’s arms was incredible. I could do it forever. It was just me, and him. Though you really couldn’t call it dancing; I was standing on his feet and he was twirling me around.

Edward’s and I anniversary is coming up. Early June. And it figures he’s already gotten me a gift, and he doesn’t expect one from me. But I feel bad not getting him one, but I don’t know what to get him that he doesn’t already have. I’ll have to talk to Alice. Speaking of Alice, she better not be planning a party…but something tells me she is.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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5 Responses to Prom and Other Stuff

  1. JazzCullen says:

    S-Sorry Bella it was hilarious! 🙂

    Jasper Cullen

  2. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    – Alice M. Cullen

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