Happy Late Mothers Day everyone!!! I went up to Rene’s for the weekend. Though I could only sped nights with her. I told her, that I’m taking night courses, so my body is on a night schedule. So I was “sleeping” during the day. She didn’t really react to my change in appearance. She didn’t say anything if she did.

Renesmee is becoming to much like me. And I’m worried about that. Jacob left for California to protect Billy for a while. Renesmee is heartbroken and so is Jake. But the good thing is Jake keeps coming up here just to check on her. Also she’s not as bad as I was when….Edward left me. She actually talks and communicates with people, more than I did. Jakke will be back, I know it, even if Alice cant see him.

I got detention!!!! I cant believe it! It was because we had another R&J essay. And I printed out my old one. Apperntly Mr. Merty kept a copyof it, so I got blamed for “copying Bella Swan” Edwards going 2 go with me though.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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5 Responses to Updates!

  1. anjixox says:

    OMG! U got detention?

  2. JazzCullen says:

    No more “copying Bella Swan” !! Haha

  3. I didnt know it was possible to playgiarize yourself until now.

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