New Members, Delegation, and Visits

The Volturri have a new member. His name is Klentin. He is VERY VERY powerful. He can immitate a gift, or “turn it inside ou”. For instance when he was glaring at Edward; Edward couldn’t read anyone’s mind, but the people around him could here his. And it works like that with everyone’s gifts. Except mine for some reason. It’s very interesting. He can’t remove my sheild but I can’t push it out to others. But Eleazar and Edward think maybee with practice I could fully resist Klentin.

Tanya and the Denali’s are here. They want to help us. And Eleazar is trieing to find out what Klentin is.

On May 28th Alice and I are flying to Florence, Italy. She’s staying there and then I’m going to Volterra. You probably think I’m crazy, but you’d understand if you knew my reasoning. I can’t entirely explain it to you, but here it goes. First of all I’m a mother, and I’m thinking of my daughter. I cant bare to see her fight. And even if this trip is a bust, at least someone tried.  I’m the only one who can go because I’m the safest there. Anyone else could get hurt very badly. This might end terribly, but its worth a try. If we fight, many will die, and I can’t live with that.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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10 Responses to New Members, Delegation, and Visits

  1. JazzCullen says:

    Good luck in Italy, Bella…did Edward approve of this?

  2. Bella Swan says:

    Yes Edward did approve…eventually. It didn’t really matter what he said though, I would still be going.

  3. anjixox says:

    I miss Jacob.

  4. not to sound mean, but bella you stupid. Going to italy? Your going to get killed. Just because your sheild dosnt mean they cant use their hands. I give you my luck.

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