School Sucks Without Edward

Here I am. Sitting in homeroom, at the back desks, without Edward. I don’t know what he’s up to, but he didn’t come to school with me…

Jacob is coming back. We all know it, except Renesmee doesn’t believe it. Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper are betting again. I don’t quite know where they stand. I’m not betting or anything, but I know him better than anyone…except maybe Renesmee. I say not longer than 2 weeks. I know Jake.

I’m leaving this Friday for Italy, with Alice. I got to admit, I am kinda nervous. But NOTHING is changing my mind at this point. Eveen if Alice sees something, not good and tells me, I’ll still go. But I made her promise not to tell me the outcome. The only one I’ really worried about is Edward. Because if Alice see’s anything, he will to. If it’s a bad outcome IDK how he’s staying so calm.

Emily pulled an “Edward” as Aro puts it. She is falling for a human. Because of it, Edward and Emily are getting really close. I think it’s bringing Edward pain though, remembering some things. Yesterday he said ‘he can’t believe what a Bastard he is’. He doesn’t believe me when I’m telling him that is soooo not true. Edward keeps telling Emily he knows how it feels. But he also says it was harder for him, sense he was drawn to my blood so much.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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7 Responses to School Sucks Without Edward

  1. He’s NOT comming back. Nobody is gone for two-and-half months then comes back just like that.

    – Ness

  2. anjixox says:

    OMG!! Yay! He’s finally coming back! && he will Nessie!

  3. You’ve done it again! Incredible writing!

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