Change of Plans

Jacob came back!!!!!!!! He REALLY needs to pick up where he left off and take charge of the packs. I know he hates having to go into Alpha Mode, but he really needs to right now. Why? Well because Erick-guy Emily likes-is actually a Quiellute. Well Erick is also Sam’s little half-brother. Erick imprinted on Emily, so Sam is really upset because she’s a “bloodsucker.” I don’t see why he is so upset, the law is your can never heart he subject of one’s impinting. He didn’t make this big a deal with Renesmee. But Jacob explained to me, it’s because Erick is ACTUALLY brothers with Sam, is so prejudiced towards Vampires. Since he had a hard time going through the imprinting thing with Leah and Emily, and he was all alone when he firsr changed. I guess I kinda understand…I’m probably the only one that does in my family though. Edward says Sam will learn to tolerate Emily.

It’s May 28, and I’m still in Forks. Why? I’m not gonna give ALL the details, but long story short i already went, by myself. Edward gave after me, and together we discussed everything with Aro. We’re going back a week from today. It’s only going to be us to though. Aro says he will only talk to the two of us about this now. IDK why not even Carlisle, but whatever.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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18 Responses to Change of Plans

  1. Claire Lyons says:

    Love twilight(: cute blog bells.

    – C;L= Claire, Lyons

  2. anjixox says:

    OMG YAY 🙂

  3. And renesmee thought he wouldn’t come back…. phst 🙂

    – Alice

  4. Kristen Gregory says:

    aw i bet renesmee was happy he came back:) cute blog!

  5. JazzCullen says:

    Jacob really needs to fix things. What did Aro say?

    -Jasper Cullen

  6. ~Anj!~ says:

    Is Rose and Emmett going to get a divorse still?

  7. Emily Cullen says:

    Hey. Get on chatz

  8. ~Anj!~ says:

    update and new post 🙂

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