It Worked!! I Told You Guys!

So me and Edward, are sitting in a plane headed home, ALIVE and well. Noone tried to hurt us or anything in Volterra. They did try to convince us to join them, but of course they declined.

Though I wanted to be the only one to go, I think it was better having Edward there. For Aro could see the truth, from him.

This trip did work. Just as I planned. We now have a treaty with them. None of them can step into a 10,000 mile radius of us. If so, we can take them out. Otherwise we’re on friendly terms. The real problem right now is  the wolves. Sam is still SUPER upset.

And I’m mad at Jacob. Why? Because he took Renesmee riding on a motorcycle and she got hurt!!! Ugh wolves are sooo irresponsible.

Sorry for the short post, the flight attendant just glared at me.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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12 Responses to It Worked!! I Told You Guys!

  1. JazzCullen says:

    Impressive that you made it out. Hope the treaty will work.

    -Jasper Cullen

  2. JazzCullen says:

    Oh and new post.

    -Jasper Cullen-

  3. ~Anj!~ says:

    Glad it worked! Stupid Jacob! Be more responsible!

  4. I hope the treat works. And new post btw.

    – Alice M. Cullen

  5. *treaty

    – Alice M. Cullen

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