Sorry For Being So MIA

Well the Cullens have moved to England. I miss Charlie and Jake…but I’ll survive. Ugh we start school soon. Don’t even get me started on that. Edward and I are registered as Juniors. Ugh, just more torture. The more the education is supposed to make you smarter but I think i’m just getting dumber.

It was mine and Edwards anniversary was a few days ago. It was the most magical thing ever…not that I’m gonna tell you about it. That’s my private secret. 😉 Don’t worry…nothing bad. 😉

I have another son. It’s not what you think this time. He is a full vampire. A 3 year old beautiful immortal child. I know what yr thinking but trust me…he wouldn’t hurt anyone. We’ve taught him our ways, and he’s very good. No one has ever seen anything like him. Edward says he’s like me, where he must have skipped the newborn faze…but I think he is just special, and not like other of his kind. He is the baby i had seen in my dream years ago. The beautiful, glorius child. Christopher Joesoph Cullen. I love him sooooo much!!

Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen

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16 Responses to Sorry For Being So MIA

  1. --Anji-- says:


  2. Are you kidding?Beautiful Imortal Child? You and Edward are so lucky Aros scared of me otherwise that thing would be long gone.

  3. BTW, Chrises last name is technically Synx.

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