How Much Bad Luck can a Girl Have?

Unlike most normal people I have encountered death numerous times nd have made it ot alive. Well that time seems to have come again. Do you remember James and Victoria? Well it turns out they had another member of their coven: Merrissa. She’s like Victoria’s twin(though they don’t really look anything alike. Well Merrissa found out about how Edward killed them, and she now wants revenge. Her plan is to gain vengence and finish what Victoria and Jmes had started.  Apparently her plan is to kill me, infront of Edward, then tear him apart to pieces, and then also kill any other Cullens she can get her hand’s on. Edward suspects the Volturi are backing her up on this.

Well, when Merrissa was looking for us in Forks, she went to my cottage, the Cullen house, and Charlie’s. At Charlie’s she found him asleep on the sofa…and well drank half his blood…luckily Jake showed up with Embry and Quil and chased her away before Charlie…was totally gone. *sigh*Now he’s in the hospital, and they’re doing what they can. Apparently they can’t do much with out Carlisle though. 😦

Well I still haven’t gotten over Jake it turns out. Yesterday before I knew what happened I leaned in and kissed him! I feel so bad about it! Nessie is pretty mad about it. And I feel really bad about Edward but he just shrugged it off. *sigh*I wish he got mad at me. I deserve it.

Oh i forgot to mention a few of us are staying in Forks right now.


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3 Responses to How Much Bad Luck can a Girl Have?

  1. “suspects volturi is backing them up” OBVIOUSLY theyre backing her up! Klentin wouldnt mess with my sent for no reason! Plus Aro was hiding somthing from me, and was trying to find out about you.

    P.S. Merrissa’s a crappy name.

  2. --anjixox says:


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