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He’s Gone

Edward and Seth disapeared. With no explanation at all. I came home and found a note just saying “I’m sorry and I love you…forever. -Edward” They’re alive though. I’m sorry. I know you deserve more than this in a post, … Continue reading

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Is This the End of the Cullens???

Okay so yah…everything bad has only happened since I showed up here. But…yah I guess that typically means most of this is my fault. Anyways Merrissa, will not give up, and is hurting way too many people!!! It’s getting out … Continue reading

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How Much Bad Luck can a Girl Have?

Unlike most normal people I have encountered death numerous times nd have made it ot alive. Well that time seems to have come again. Do you remember James and Victoria? Well it turns out they had another member of their … Continue reading

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Sorry For Being So MIA

Well the Cullens have moved to England. I miss Charlie and Jake…but I’ll survive. Ugh we start school soon. Don’t even get me started on that. Edward and I are registered as Juniors. Ugh, just more torture. The more the … Continue reading

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Sorry I’ve Been MIA

I’m at college with Edward. University of Washington. I’m super busy so won’t be on till August probably. Don’t give up on me people. Sorry short post. I got a history assignment due tomorrow. G2g. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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It Worked!! I Told You Guys!

So me and Edward, are sitting in a plane headed home, ALIVE and well. Noone tried to hurt us or anything in Volterra. They did try to convince us to join them, but of course they declined. Though I wanted … Continue reading

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Change of Plans

Jacob came back!!!!!!!! He REALLY needs to pick up where he left off and take charge of the packs. I know he hates having to go into Alpha Mode, but he really needs to right now. Why? Well because Erick-guy … Continue reading

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