School Sucks Without Edward

Here I am. Sitting in homeroom, at the back desks, without Edward. I don’t know what he’s up to, but he didn’t come to school with me…

Jacob is coming back. We all know it, except Renesmee doesn’t believe it. Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper are betting again. I don’t quite know where they stand. I’m not betting or anything, but I know him better than anyone…except maybe Renesmee. I say not longer than 2 weeks. I know Jake.

I’m leaving this Friday for Italy, with Alice. I got to admit, I am kinda nervous. But NOTHING is changing my mind at this point. Eveen if Alice sees something, not good and tells me, I’ll still go. But I made her promise not to tell me the outcome. The only one I’ really worried about is Edward. Because if Alice see’s anything, he will to. If it’s a bad outcome IDK how he’s staying so calm.

Emily pulled an “Edward” as Aro puts it. She is falling for a human. Because of it, Edward and Emily are getting really close. I think it’s bringing Edward pain though, remembering some things. Yesterday he said ‘he can’t believe what a Bastard he is’. He doesn’t believe me when I’m telling him that is soooo not true. Edward keeps telling Emily he knows how it feels. But he also says it was harder for him, sense he was drawn to my blood so much.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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Ya, You All Think I’m Stupid…I Expected That

As the title says I expected all of your opinions. But at this point I don’t really care. I understand your point of view, but mine are a little different.

Ugh, high school just gets worse and worse. Like i said earlier, in Mr. Berty’s class we were reading Romeo & Juliet. Well now we have to perform it…to the WHOLE town. Well, *grimace* I’m going to be playing Juliet. Don’t ask me how it happened or how I was chosen. Because I don’t know. But I’m guessing Alice had something to do with it, considering she’s assistant director to Mr. Berty. An upside though is Edward is Romeo. If Alice arranged that too, then thank you.

Alice is a really good artist. And I found some old sketches that she drew so here they are.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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New Members, Delegation, and Visits

The Volturri have a new member. His name is Klentin. He is VERY VERY powerful. He can immitate a gift, or “turn it inside ou”. For instance when he was glaring at Edward; Edward couldn’t read anyone’s mind, but the people around him could here his. And it works like that with everyone’s gifts. Except mine for some reason. It’s very interesting. He can’t remove my sheild but I can’t push it out to others. But Eleazar and Edward think maybee with practice I could fully resist Klentin.

Tanya and the Denali’s are here. They want to help us. And Eleazar is trieing to find out what Klentin is.

On May 28th Alice and I are flying to Florence, Italy. She’s staying there and then I’m going to Volterra. You probably think I’m crazy, but you’d understand if you knew my reasoning. I can’t entirely explain it to you, but here it goes. First of all I’m a mother, and I’m thinking of my daughter. I cant bare to see her fight. And even if this trip is a bust, at least someone tried.  I’m the only one who can go because I’m the safest there. Anyone else could get hurt very badly. This might end terribly, but its worth a try. If we fight, many will die, and I can’t live with that.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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Happy Late Mothers Day everyone!!! I went up to Rene’s for the weekend. Though I could only sped nights with her. I told her, that I’m taking night courses, so my body is on a night schedule. So I was “sleeping” during the day. She didn’t really react to my change in appearance. She didn’t say anything if she did.

Renesmee is becoming to much like me. And I’m worried about that. Jacob left for California to protect Billy for a while. Renesmee is heartbroken and so is Jake. But the good thing is Jake keeps coming up here just to check on her. Also she’s not as bad as I was when….Edward left me. She actually talks and communicates with people, more than I did. Jakke will be back, I know it, even if Alice cant see him.

I got detention!!!! I cant believe it! It was because we had another R&J essay. And I printed out my old one. Apperntly Mr. Merty kept a copyof it, so I got blamed for “copying Bella Swan” Edwards going 2 go with me though.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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Prom and Other Stuff

Prom was actually kinda fun…For the most part. I have to admit, Alice did a good job with my hair and makeup. The entire time everyone has told me that a Cullen could never make prom court; they all lied. Edward actually made one of the princes!!! No one knows how. I of course voted for him…and apparently many others did too. I hated it. He had to dance with a princess. I don’t know or care what her name is. All I know is that she’s blonde, pretty for a human, taller than me, and she seemed to be into Edward. So I was just standing there, looking absolutely pathetic, glaring at them with my arms crossed. Apparently I looked pretty funny because Emmett and Jasper were howling with laughter.

I loved every other part of it though. Dancing around in Edward’s arms was incredible. I could do it forever. It was just me, and him. Though you really couldn’t call it dancing; I was standing on his feet and he was twirling me around.

Edward’s and I anniversary is coming up. Early June. And it figures he’s already gotten me a gift, and he doesn’t expect one from me. But I feel bad not getting him one, but I don’t know what to get him that he doesn’t already have. I’ll have to talk to Alice. Speaking of Alice, she better not be planning a party…but something tells me she is.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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Alice, I Hate You

Ouviusly I don’t really hate Alice. But she is always getting on my nerves. She is making me go to rpo tonight. And now she’s making ME perform in the talent show! MEE! Isabella Marie Swan Cullen!! In front of the WHOLE school and town!! I’m gonna die of embarrasment. I have to sing….and DANCE!!! Ugh i hate you Alice.

In a couple weeks we are fighting the Volturi. Rosalie has the whole plan on her blog. Edward says I’m the key to the fight with my sheild. Wich I’m nervous about. If I get distracted again, and my sheild slips up we could be in trouble…Edward is going to be one of the fighters in the paln, wich makes me even more nervous. Apparently, I’m going to be surrounded o no one can get to me and my sheild. Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett are going to be my bodyguard for the fight I guess.

Renesmee made a blog: It’s under construction. But Alice and I are helping her.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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Ugh, prom is this Sunday night. And Alice is FORCING me to go. I’m soooooooooo NOT looking forward to it. At least I don’t have to worry about being prom queen this year. At my senior prom-witch I didn’t go to, I was with Edward-I won queen. It was awful. They called me up, to come get my crown, so I went in sweats. It was completley humilating going on the stage and getting that tiara-witch I through away. Mike Newton was prom king, so I had to take a picture with him, that Edward has, so he can amuse himself with it, nd forrever hold me against it.

This year though Alice and Rosalie picked out my dress…before I even knew I was going. And there going to be doing my hair and makeup. It’s going to be horrible, and of course Alice is just going to have sooo much fun, with me as her Barbie. They were going to make me wear heals, but’s thats where I put my foot down, so I’m wearing white ballet flats. And there making me wear earings…but I don’t have pierced ears. So their going to pierce them! I plan to just let them close up after prom…if that works with vampires.

My Prom Outfit

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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