Welcome to Forks

 Welcome to Forks, Washington. Population: 3,400. This is where I live. Its green, it’s small, it’s beautiful. Everyone knows everyone. There are no secrets in this town. Except for one of course… Outside of Forks is La Push, home to The Quileute Tribe, who also have a secret.

Anyways our tour starts at my former house: Charlie’s house,  Many a time Jake nd Edward have hopped through that window. Next stop is the woods by my house.  Edward, Jake, and I have met here many a time. My former high school is next. 48 students graduated last year.  The Cullens house. . Just down the forest path a little…And we’re here! Edward’s and my cottage.   Next stop is La Push, home of my best friend Jacob Black.  I once jumped off those cliffs. A word for the wise DON’T DO IT!  And this is our last stop. Jacob’s house!


9 Responses to Welcome to Forks

  1. anjixox says:

    Amazing The cottage is my favorite 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    Such a beautiful cottage Esme, glad u like it Bella I wish I could stay there 🙂

  3. I love our house…I really don’t want to leave 😦

  4. i love the cullens house sooo gorgeous

  5. I want 2 move 2 Forks!!! 😀

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